Moon Wave Atelier
$66.00 - $96.00

Eternal Pleasure Bracelets

Eternal Pleasure Bracelets ☽

Special edition bracelets made for this Spoopy Season ~ One-of-a-kind style that will not be remade once sold; Available in stainless steel and elastic variants.

• Artisan Made with natural rainbow moonstone, black tourmaline, and angelite in various shapes and cuts.

Stainless Steel:

• 100% stainless steel hardware.
• 49-strand jewelry wire for optimal strength and flexibility.
• Fits up to a 7.5in wrist.


• Premium elastic cord.
• Wear with care as elastic cord is delicate.
• Fits up to a 7.5in wrist.

Every jewelry piece at Moon Wave Atelier is designed and created with love and exceptional materials.