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Photo Collage of Me and My Family

Hello, nice to meet you!! This is a little more about myself.

My name is Enrique (they/them), I am 24 years old, and I'm the Designer/Creator/Curator/Owner of Moon Wave Atelier. I wear many hats including updating the website, product photography/videography, packaging every order with love, designing the graphics, replying to wonderful emails/managing social media pages, and spreading love through artisan jewelry and healing crystals.

Fun Collage of Myself and everything I do at Moon Wave Atelier.

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana and I still reside in Louisiana which elevates my ancestral energy in my work. I live with my Great Grandma and even have my Great Grandma as a featured model on my products from time to time. Moon Wave Atelier is my love of jewelry/creation/design and my spirituality combined. The name Moon Wave Atelier is heavily influenced by my astrology and even the Logo I've created is as well!

Photo Collage of my Handmade Work

Moon = Cancer which is my sun sign which is the only sign ruled by the Moon.
Wave = Cancer which is a Cardinal water sign.
Atelier = My designing/creation which is done in my Atelier (Work Shop).

The Logo consists of the Water element sign ▼ and within is a crystal and the Waxing Crescent Moon (which was the Moon phase on the night I was born)

I love Jewelry and always have; same with creation/art/design. I believe the Earth is naturally powerful and filled with beautiful energy, Crystals come from the Earth and they have that same beautiful power. This is what I love to do and I'm so appreciative to spread love and kindness through my craft and healing crystals.

Thank you for reading and getting to know more about me and I hope my website has made you smile at least once! :-)

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