Jewelry Maintenance

Moon Wave Atelier

Jewelry Maintenance

Basic Care : Store all jewelry pieces in a cool dry place. Avoid wearing during rough activities. Clean every once in a while depending on usage level or whenever tarnish/discoloration occurs. These metals can tarnish but thankfully restoration is very simple with a cleaning cloth and maybe some jewelry cleaning solution. Handle them with care, they are artisan jewelry and can be very delicate. Show them love! They are created with love and natural gemstone so they have powerful energy within them, revere them and show love to the stone.

Care for 14KT Rose Gold/Gold-Filled Jewelry : 14KT Gold-filled wears like solid 14KT Gold and can also become dirty like it but it is easily cleaned with a jewelry cleaning cloth + Gold safe jewelry cleaning solution. Avoid being excessively rough as this is a jewelry piece and jewelry is delicate in nature. Store in a dry cool place with a silica gel packet to absorb moisture (comes with one in the box). Avoid getting wet/in the pool/shower, it'll just need to be completely dried and cleaned after so to avoid having to clean often just avoid such activities while wearing.

Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry : The care is very similar to the 14KT Gold-filled however Sterling Silver is more sensitive especially to tarnishing which can happen easily, however they can also be cleaned easily with a jewelry cleaning cloth and the proper jewelry cleaning solution.

Care for Elastic Jewelry : Easy care just avoid getting it wet, avoid excessive tugging, apply by closing hand into a cone with your thumb to your middle finger and roll on without excessively stretching. Elastic bracelets are more fragile than the Sterling Silver and 14KT Gold-filled pieces that uses wire however with delicate care they can last just as long.