Accessibility Alterations/Resizing

Accessibility Options/Resizing : Accessibility options are available via email ~ if you'd like larger jump rings/larger clasp/magnetic clasp/ect are available at no extra cost just please allow up to 4-6 weeks for custom alterations.

Resizing : Dual Resizing (smaller or larger) is available only to elastic bracelets with sizing up requires an extra fee (various depending on bead type). Due to the structure of Wire bracelets dual resizing isn't possible however extra extender chain can be added to make the piece longer for larger wrists/anklet use at an extra fee. For resizing up please do message me before hand however if downsizing you can simply leave a note at checkout with the length you desire. Please do correctly measure your wrist for elastic as elastic should be longer than your wrist size. If your wrist measures to 6in then you should get 6.5in for your bracelet size never exact.